Power Matetic 14U 2008 Season Wrap-up


Matetic 14U – 2008 Season – 38 wins-6 losses-2 ties


The Matetic 14U team finished the 2008 season with a record of 38 wins, 6 losses and 2 ties. The team participated in 6 tournaments and the Pony national tournament in Cary, NC.  For the 6 tournaments the team received 2 championships, 3-runners up and a 3rd place finish.  For the national tournament, the team ended up 17th out of 108 teams.

Members of the team include:


1st row (L-R):  Ashley Parello-Peters Township, Morgan Matetic-Peters Township, Alyssa DiMaria-Seneca Valley, Alyssa Miller-Seneca Valley, Kellie Lewis-Peters Township and Katie Gross-North Hills

2nd row (L-R):  Manager-RJ Matetic, Assistant Coach-Lou DiMaria, Lauren Davies-Seneca Valley, Lauren Hunt-Seneca Valley, Anna Lauterbach-Baldwin, Ashley Darabant-Mt. Lebanon, Morgan Meadows-Peters Township, Assistant Coach-Danny Meadows and Assistant Coach-Bill Gross

Team Statistics for the 2008 Season

• Runs scored (317 to opponents-82)
• Hits (349 to opponents-159)
• RBI (243 to opponents-65)
• Team Batting Average (344 to opponents-178)
• Team Slugging Percentage (436 to opponents-208)
• Team On-base Percentage (423 to opponents-254)
• Team Stolen Bases (249 to opponents-47)

Pitching and Defense
• Runs scored (gave up 82 to the team’s 317)
• Hits (gave up 159 to the team’s 349)
• Earned runs (gave up 41 to the team’s 203)
• ERA (1.23 – opponents 6.48)
• Walks (gave up 87 to the team’s 136)
• Errors (opponents-92 to the team’s 68)

The season was outstanding and the players are looking forward to the 16U – 2009 season.