Matetic-14U ? Runners up ? Raging Thunder Tournament ? Pony Qualifier



The Matetic-14U team is comprised of nine players from the 12U Pony National Runner Up team from last year consisting of 3 players from Peters Township (Morgan Matetic, Morgan Meadows, and Kellie Lewis), 3 players from Seneca Valley (Alyssa Miller, Lauren Davies and Alyssa DiMaria), one player from Upper St. Clair (Laura Wallace), a player from North Hills (Katie Gross), and one player from Mt. Lebanon (Ashley Darabant).  The team has two new player additions this year, Lauren Hunt from Seneca Valley and Ashley Parello from Peters Township.

The Matetic-14U team lost in the championship game to the Ohio Slammers and received runner-up medals when they traveled to Vienna, OH and participated in the Raging Thunder tournament, a Pony World Series Qualifier, April 28-29, 2007.  The Matetic-14U team outscored their opponents 14-3 in bracket play to earn a shot at the championship.  The team played their first 2 games inside at the Thunderplex facility and the remaining games outside.  During inside play,

During inside play, Katie Gross led the team with 3 hits, Lauren Davies and Ashley Darabant each provided 2 hits a piece with Morgan Meadows providing a single.  During outside play, Morgan Matetic led the team with 4 hits, Katie Gross, Lauren Davies and Lauren Hunt each had 3 hits, Kellie Lewis provided 2 and Ashley Darabant, Morgan Meadows, Laura Wallace and Alyssa DiMaria providing one a piece.  Katie Gross provided a triple; Lauren Davies rapped two doubles, along with Morgan Matetic providing a two bagger. 

Defensively, Morgan Meadows and Laura Wallace provided all the pitching effort.  Collectively, the duo struck out 53 batters in the effort.