Green 14U Takes 3rd In Hawaiian Tropic In Myrtle Beach, SC


With temperatures in the mid 90?s and the heat index?s 100+, {pop_team:2014:Green:14U}Power Green{/pop_team:2014:Green:14U} found the strength to push through with an impressive 3rd place finish in the Hawaiian Tropic. After losing their first bracket game, forcing us into the losing bracket, Power Green pulled together as a team and won their next 3 games putting them into the semi finals against a good opponent. Being their 4th game of the day in 100+ temperatures, Power Green ran out of steam but still put up a great fight. Every Player made a huge contribution this weekend {pop_player:Jordyn:Douglas}Jordyn Douglas{/pop_player:Jordyn:Douglas}, {pop_player:Brianna:Butler}Bri Butler{/pop_player:Brianna:Butler}, {pop_player:Lexi:Butler}Lexi Butler{/pop_player:Lexi:Butler}, {pop_player:Darian:Green}Darian Green{/pop_player:Darian:Green}, {pop_player:Linae:Walker}Linae Walker{/pop_player:Linae:Walker}, {pop_player:Natalie:Brown}Natalie Brown{/pop_player:Natalie:Brown}, {pop_player:Isabella:Sprentz}Isabella Sprentz{/pop_player:Isabella:Sprentz}, {pop_player:Maya:Logan}Maya Logan{/pop_player:Maya:Logan}, {pop_player:Sarah:Thornton}Sarah Thornton{/pop_player:Sarah:Thornton}, and {pop_player:Sarah:Cornell}Sarah Cornell{/pop_player:Sarah:Cornell}. I cannot forget {pop_player:Kaylyn:Hicks}Kayln Hicks{/pop_player:Kaylyn:Hicks}, {pop_player:Madison:Struthers}Madison Struthers{/pop_player:Madison:Struthers}, and {pop_player:Krystyna:Burdelski}Krystyna Burdelski{/pop_player:Krystyna:Burdelski} who could not make the trip, but were in our hearts during this weekend.