18U Polley prove they're the Best in the West



Place ten versatile and accomplished athletes from different teams, positions and backgrounds into their first tournament {with no TEAM practice due to school ball and graduations} and the potential for disaster, chaos, loss and the “ I / ME  SYNDROME” is distinctly probable.
Do so under the coaching of Polley, Macel & Zelenka with these same athletes, their desire to win and understanding of  “TEAM”……….and the results can be quite different.

So it was this weekend when the 18U Polley Pittsburgh Power TEAM took to the field for the Brady’s Run ASA Tournament finishing in first place with a 2-1 pool record followed by strong 2-0 finish on “finals” day. Overall, the weekend’s pitching was anchored solid by Kristen Zelenka’s   three shutout performances, 4 games recorded as W.P., 6 K’S in game one alone and a weekend 25 innings pitched performance yielding just 3 runs against.  Coming from the “field to the rubber”, in support of Zelenka, and with a combined seven years of  “rubber absence”, Polley relied on the variable “cousins combo” of Kelly and Tiffany Cummings getting a solid performance from Kelly and Tiffany’s 3K save performance in game 4 vs. ICE.

Game 1 {2-0 vs. ICE} saw Kelly Cummings drive in 2 RBI’s.
Game 2 {4-8 vs. ROAD RUNNERS} the 1 loss…but see Game 5.
Game 3{6-0 vs. THUNDER ELITE} witnessed the POWER’S thunder and lighnting via Nicky Balcer’s triple, Jenna Philips home run and Christine Newby’s 3 RBI’s.
Game 4 {7-3 vs. ICE} ...solid performance by all.
Game 5 {3-0 vs. ROAD RUNNERS} and for the “Best of The West” Crown saw Jenna Phillps and Alexis Lopez {3 RBI’s} go 3 for 3.
Overall: Katie Polley perfected “the sacrifice” putting 4 runners is scoring position.
Throughout the weekend;  Melissa Rankin, Sara Guffey, Katie Polley, Nicky Balcer, Alexis Lopez  and Christine Newby worked an errorless outfield with a strong  infield supported by the “cousins combo”, Zelenka, Phillips and invaluable TEAM positional rotation.

NEXT UP {weekend 6/16}:  18U-Polley heads to the STEEL CITY SLAM – NSA Tournament @ Fairhaven Park where TEAM-Polly will see traditional local rivals ...... Road Runners and Spirit along with Freedom and J.I. Sting