Teams Vojtash, Harrison, and Rosatone Hold Their First Big Sister / Little Sister Practice


On Sunday evening, November 24th, Big Sister Team {pop_team:2014:Vojtash:18U}Vojtash 18U{/pop_team:2014:Vojtash:18U} hosted their Little Sister Teams {pop_team:2014:Harrison:12U}Harrison 12U{/pop_team:2014:Harrison:12U} and {pop_team:2014:Rosatone:10U}Rosatone 10U{/pop_team:2014:Rosatone:10U} at the Powerhouse for a joint practice and pizza dinner. The evening started out with some batting practice, with the big sisters helping their little sisters on hitting mechanics. The younger girls rotated between five stations while the older girls studied their stance and swing, pointed out areas where they could improve, and reinforced their good habits and mechanics.


After a solid hour of batting, the group settled in for a satisfying dinner of pizza, veggies, and fruit while the big sisters told funny stories from tournaments past. Coach Vojtash ended the dinner break by speaking with the younger girls about motivation, focus, and sportsmanship, as well as the importance of having fun with the sport.

The three teams finished the evening with some competitive rounds of the bucket game! The older girls threw hard, but their little sisters challenged that advantage with their speed and agility. ?Having their teammates? back? during the bucket game helped show the younger girls how vital back-up can be on the field in a real-life game situation.

Thank you, Team Vojtash, for your time and gems of wisdom!