Power Kresak Players Give Back



{pop_team:2014:Kresak:16U}Pittsburgh Power- Kresak 16U{/pop_team:2014:Kresak:16U} players held a softball clinic this fall in order to help the young girls of our community learn the game. This clinic was planned, coordinated and conducted 100% entirely by the players! We wanted to show and demonstrate the different skills that we incorporate in our own lives of softball. In the process we wanted to promote the Pittsburgh Power organization. Throughout the clinic we kept the girls moving and kept them active. We incorporated every aspect of the game, throwing, catching, hitting and base running. Most of the girls had played softball in the summer and knew skills that we were showing, but did not know the same intensity and advancement as we showed them.

Before we started the clinic, we had the older girls, the girls on the Power team, introduce themselves to the little girls and tell them what their number one position was. We then had the little girls spread out, and we talked about the importance of stretching before doing any activity was. Most of the girls had done the stretches on previous teams so they knew how to do them. After we got them stretched, we then took them onto the field and we showed them how to grip the softball correctly. After that, we broke them up into groups and did different stations.

Our first skill group did a fielding drill of how to shuffle from one cone to another to get a ground ball. Another drill that we had them do was a quick release drill, from partner to partner for 15 seconds. We did an outfield drill as well that helped the girls learn how to drop step for fly balls.

We had a break and set up another fielding drill. One group did grounders at second base and threw to first base. The other group did grounders at third base and threw home. The last group did more fly ball skills with quickly doing the drop step in different directions.

The final stations of skills were hitting. We had one group hit off the machine which was set at 30 mph. We had another group on tees hitting volleyballs of the tee first to feel the amount of power they should put behind the ball, then they put softballs on and hit them a lot farther! We had the other group in the batting cage hitting off a tee as well and the other girls learning the different steps of hitting.

To end the clinic we split the girls into two teams. We had a blast with having the girls hit off of the machine and they incorporated all they learned in the clinic in the game. I had so many people come up to us afterwards and ask if we were planning on doing the clinic again. All the girls loved it and were so excited to play in the spring. Many of the girls can't wait to go out and practice with their dads. Many of the dads have told me they always ask to do the drills outside and keep playing.

That was our goal of the day, help the girls learn new skills in the game of softball, but number one to make the girls want to keep up with the game and play in the spring and have fun!