Butler 10U Takes 1st Place in Hornet's Early Bird


On Mother's Day weekend, {pop_team:2013:Butler:10U}Pittsburgh Power Butler 10U{/pop_team:2013:Butler:10U} was undefeated in the 6 games leading to the championship game. Major contributions were made by the entire team in double elimination tournament.


Going into the 7th inning the score was tied. Strong hitting and aggressive base running scored 2 runs to take the lead. Great defense and strong pitching held the Pittsburgh Lady Roadrunners to a scoreless inning for a final score of 10-8.

The weekend was packed with action. Double Plays by {pop_player:Ashley:Deweese}Ashley Deweese{/pop_player:Ashley:Deweese} and {pop_player:Lauren:Harris}Lauren Harris{/pop_player:Lauren:Harris}. A throw down from catcher {pop_player:Lauren:Sutton}Lauren Sutton{/pop_player:Lauren:Sutton} stopped the steal to 2nd which led to an out. Fly balls hit to the outfield were caught by {pop_player:Jarae:Turner}JaRae Turner{/pop_player:Jarae:Turner}. Excellent pitching by {pop_player:Brianna:Butler}Brianna Butler{/pop_player:Brianna:Butler} and {pop_player:Megan:Smith}Megan Smith{/pop_player:Megan:Smith} led to several strike outs. Big hits by {pop_player:Yasmine:Logan}Yasmine Logan{/pop_player:Yasmine:Logan}, {pop_player:Sammi:Samler}Sammi Samler{/pop_player:Sammi:Samler}, and {pop_player:Jasmine:Majors}Jasmine Majors{/pop_player:Jasmine:Majors} as well as quick base running by {pop_player:Madeline:Melodia}Maddy Melodia{/pop_player:Madeline:Melodia} and {pop_player:Cheyenne:Mannas}Cheyenne Mannas{/pop_player:Cheyenne:Mannas} led to runs scored.