Pittsburgh Power Herron 12U 2012 ?Refuse to Lose? Tour was Successful



The {pop_team:2012:Herron:12U}Pittsburgh Power Herron 12U team{/pop_team:2012:Herron:12U} was a top competitor during the 2012 season in the 12U age bracket. During the season, this team learned the fundamentals of John Wooden?s ?Pyramid of Success? and utilized it on the softball field. There were various moments in the season that every team member sacrificed personal statistics to help lead this team to victory. Through injuries and a tough tournament schedule, Power Herron ended this successful season with a 55-20 record in eleven 12U tournaments, 8 championship games and 4 first place trophies. They played one 14U tournament in very competitive games against top notch opponents. During the 14U tournament, they beat Passion Saban 2-1, who was a very strong 14U team. They ended the season with placing 7th in Eastern Nationals. This team always pushed itself to be better by playing top competition. I would like to thank all of the parents, sponsors, coaches and most of all the girls for all of the support in making this TEAM successful. Stay connected, the 2013 ?Refuse to Lose? Tour dates will be coming soon!!

?You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.?