Vojtash 16U Takes Second at October Fest



Power Vojtash 16U visited Hickory PA on the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd to participate in the NSA October Fest Tournament. Power went 2 and 1 on Saturday in pool play losing the first game to the Lady Knights and winning the next two against Pride and Impact. On Sunday Power would have to win a rematch with a young Pride team in order to get another shot at the Lady Knights, which they did. The stage was now set for what turned out to be a very exciting and entertaining championship game.

Kylei Smith was given the start at the #1 position and knew she had her work cut out for her as she faced this team in pool play. Not only would she have to pitch a great game but she would have to count heavily on her defense for support as the Lady Knights are a strong hitting team. The Lady Knights wasted no time testing Kylei and her defense in the top of one with a lead off hit to right center. The defense supported Kylei with the 2, 3, 4 batters with a 5-3, 1-3 and 4-3, Danielle Levato, Kylei and Salena Ritorto to Sarah Rogan, but not before one run would score. Meghan Staab would lead off for Power in the top of 1 reaching first on an error. Sarah advanced Meghan 120 ft with a sacrifice bunt. Kelsey Hunter did what she needed to do with a sacrifice ground ball and RBI; 1-1 after 1.

Kylei would only face three in the top of two with the help of Salena and Sarah handling two 4-3?s and fly ball to Meghan in right. Kalan Schmaltz led off in the bottom of two and contributed in a big way with a triple to right field. Salena brought Kalan home with a sacrifice fly to center; 2-1 Power after two.

The Lady Knights 8 batter pounded a double to right center to lead off the 3rd inning. The 9 batter popped up to Danielle at third and the runner was held at second. The 10 batter sacrificed a fly ball to Meghan in right advancing the runner to third. Back to the top of the order who reached first on an error. Now with two outs and runners on second and third the 2 batter pounded a ball to right field and it was trailing off into foul territory, when Meghan ran it down and made an outstanding diving catch to end the inning leaving two stranded. Rachel Albert reached on a walk but we couldn?t get anything else going in the bottom of three; still 2-1 Power.

Kylei handled two ground balls and Salena handled one, Allie Giammaria was on the receiving end at first. They left one stranded who reached on an error. Moving into bottom of four Kalan came through with another base hit to right center. With one out Salena hit a line drive to short who threw back to first catching Kalan off the bag for a double play; still 2-1 Power after 4.

Rachel tracked a fly ball in center for the first out of the fifth. The next batter reached on an error and the batter after that sacrificed a bunt to move the runner to second. The 10 batter walked taking us back to the top of the order who again pounded the ball into deep right center. Meghan, who played very much like someone who once wore # 21 fired the ball on a rope bouncing once to Kelsey at the plate nailing the runner trying to score from second. We failed to do anything offensively in the bottom of five; still 2-1 Power.

Lead off walks much like lead off hits usually come back to haunt you and that?s just what happened as Kylei lost the dual to the 2 batter putting her on first. The 3 batter hit into a 4-3 handled by Salena and Allie but the runner advanced to second. The 4 batter who was 0 for 2 connected on a deep shot to center over Rachel?s head and drove in the tying run. Again, nothing offensively for us in the bottom of six; score tied at 2.

Kylei would face the 7, 8 and 9 batters in the top of seven and would retire them in order F4 by Salena, 6-3 by Tori Vojtash and Sarah and a 1-3 by Kylei and Sarah. Now all they needed was one run to win the game and tournament. Kylei was up first and helped her cause tremendously by pounding a double over the center fielder?s head. Sarah went in to run for Kylei. Kalan now stepped to the plate, 2 for 2 on the day with a triple and single both to right/right center. With Sarah in scoring position Kalan needed a repeat of one of her first two at bats. With the game on the line Kalan again pounded the ball to right center, Sarah stayed out on her lead expecting the ball to drop but as fate would have it the right fielder made a fantastic shoestring catch robbing Kalan of the winning RBI. With the score still tied at two we moved on to an eighth inning International Tie Breaker.

The 9 batter was placed at second, the 10 batter hit into a 5-3 by Danielle and Sarah but the runner advanced to third. The top of the order was handled unassisted by Sarah at first and the runner at third was held. The 2 batter then drove a shot to left center driving in the go ahead run but was caught trying to stretch a double into a triple by Rachel?s throw to Tori; 3-2 Lady Knights. We now needed one to tie and two to win but accomplished neither falling short to a very talented Lady Knights team.

This is the third consecutive tournament that Power Vojtash has taken the Runner Up Plaque. This is a hard working, dedicated, persistent team that is climbing the summit. They have not yet reached the peak but they continue to fight and claw their way to the top.