Finnegan 12U Plays The Monster Ball



Back row left to right: Lizzi Scherer, Kacie Warhold, Amanda Sartori, Mandi Williams, Taylor Finnegan, Natalie Graff, Sarah Blinn
Front row: Jayda Justice, Maiah Yankello, Mallory Eperesi, Allyson Gitzen

On October 30th & 31st the young ladies of Power Finnegan played in the Monster Ball hosted by the Renegades in Elizabeth, PA. The girls started Saturday with a 6-4 win over Force and finished with a 10-1 victory against the Renegades. They returned strong early Sunday morning beating the Diamond Stars 7-4 and then came back to tie Nitro only to have it taken away due to the 90 minute drop dead time limit and ended up with a 6-4 loss. The Championship game with the Diamond Stars was a nail biter from start to finish. The girls played fantastic and did everything they were taught but unfortunately lost 4-3 with the tying run on 3rd. With the pitches being called by Taylor Finnegan, and great pitching being thrown by Maiah Yankello, Jayda Justice, Allyson Gitzen, and Amanda Sartori, great catching by Sarah Blinn, Mallory Eperesi, and Lizzi Scherer, and outstanding defense by Natalie Graff, Kacie Warhold, and Mandi Williams, the girls did everything they could to keep the runs allowed to a minimum. The girls are quickly becoming more than just team mates, and know that they can always rely, and depend on each other on and off the field.