Code of Conduct and Contracts

These CoCs will be posted before Aug 25, 2022.


Medical / Insurance Forms

  • Medical Release Form
  • Injured Player Report
    • More info on insurance coverage from Bollinger.  This is secondary insurance which will cover fees not paid by primary insurance.  This will act as primary insurance if the injured player does not have primary insurance from another company.

Player Information

  • Player Profile Template
    • Click link to open in Google docs.  Download the excel spreadsheet to your desktop/laptop.  Update spreadsheet and save as .pdf, which is to be posted on team roster page.
  • Team Profile Template
    • Click link and open one page team profile in Google docs.  Download the powerpoint to your desktop/laptop.  Update powerpoint and save as .pdf, which is to be posted on team roster page.  QR code points to your team’s roster found on website About -> Team Rosters -> Season -> Team_Name.


Tournament Review and Report Card

College Recruiting Process